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Alliance LogoAlliance / Alliance Defense Force

How does one survive a Nova blast? Assuming it was only that, a Nova blast…The Alliance was already weak and dwindling when it happened, so the answer is simply no, one doesn’t.

It was long before trade-lanes, worm-hole navigation and jump-gates…and there were so many stasis tanks inside a colony ship, and so much time to kill until new heaven would be found. How could one sleep for 200 years and then wake up again? One can’t, for time is the most unforgiving of fires, and the sleeper pods were more than just beds for everlasting sleep, they were also cradles for new beginnings… What are electrical impulses to the human mind but memories, sounds, chemical triggers for long lusted smells and tastes. What are neuronal networks but data awaiting to be transferred from one to another, as if it was one’s own. That allowed General Atticus Rockford to transmit his message across the stars, even though in the end it was only an echo over the ages…But Pluto wasn’t the only living rock in space, there were other, carefully placed stasis pods, like the colony ships that drew all the Coalition fire and attention to themselves, while hearts were imperceptibly beating in the coldness of space, far away from human or alien attention, seemingly waiting the violence out. Three hundred years the pods were silent, only to be once again filled with life, like a Phoenix, and resume things where they have once been left off. Hope was once again rising at the horizon…

…Until one day, 500 years later, when an Alliance scout group named after an old constellation found remnants of the old Coalition, in search of human solidarity. During the following months, the memories of Fort Kennedy, still vivid in the consciousness of Alliance pilots but only a faded story in the Coalition’s forgotten history, once again painted the blackness of space in red…