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Shadow of Fear is not only the work of a few Developer like us (who did it) but of a whole Community.

You may think: “but you made the Ships, Planets, Faction Story and invested your time…”. Well, thats right but we used the tools others made to create everything. We was reading their Threads and How to’s, we printed their turorials and so on. So it is also on us to say thanks to those who did the work before and while we was creating SoF.

This Credit list only shows the nickname of some people but it is need to know that there is much more behind these nicks. To mod or create a ship, system, tool, dll, plugin or whatever else you need some knowledge about the basics and how to use everything and you must be willing to share your work.

Freelancer is now more or less easy to mod because there are and was a hundred and more people doing the stuff and releasing it under public license. Here must be a place where we can thank everyone who made Shadow of Fear possible except us.

For the moment it is just a start and will hopefully improved everytime we are going to use something which was not done by ourselves but by those willing to share their own time and knowledge to improve all Freelancer Servers.

At the very Beginning are the Developers of the 88Flak Mod in front of them it’s creator Fox.

They was handing out a great mod with a ton of features. 88Flak comes with a most interesting feature pack such as wingman support, playerdockable ships, Bots, an already pretty well balanced Ship behavior, the grafic features of Itano Circus and a hundred more features. One of the most important reasons was the clean code of 88Flak and the already given support to other modders by countless descriptions and how to’s within the Mods directory when you download it.

88Flak Main Page don’t miss their Forum 😉

Close after the 88Flak Development Team comes the Starport, as THE Source for people modding Freelancer.

Countless Threads on this portal are helpful and well organized pages to learn from. At least you will ever find someone helping you soon. But also TSP is the home of those people writing the Tools and serve Downloadsections. If you want to support Freelancer as a whole we would like to ask you for a donation to the Starport, so it may live forever (on the left of the TSP page is a button named Make a donation).

The Starport

The next ones are together the Communities of the Discovery Mod and the Hamburg City Mod. Both wasn’t helping active (because we didn’t requested something) but their Forums holding the easy stuff on how to start as beginners. And tons of explanations for the very beginning.

To not end the list of the important Sites helping to create we have to proceed with Celestia an open source project bringing the stars to your home.

A major part of sources also was the modding community of Soase (Sins of a Solar Empire and all the followers) where we can not point to one site only here. With their released work they also made some of our models possible.

Now we come to the Gizmo Studios and Griff for the excelent and eyecatching Elite Shippack which is also holding the Coriolis Station. “If you read this griff we would die for the rest of your Stations converted to something readable!”. All the Elite Models of Griff was converted by Gibbon.

The for Information about everything you need to be informed of while making a Space Simulation Mod.

The Site of donjon RPG Tools so we wasn’t needed to invent everything by ourselves 😉

The oOElite Community for several grafic related Development Tools.

We also want to name a few single modders in front of all of them

  • Adoxa who was developing awesome technical stuff for Freelancer modding,
  • as well as KosAcid
  • Forsaken (the Creator of Freelancer Shattered Worlds) for explaining how Freelancer is working and what to do best while modding planets for example.
  • Nightstalker (Freelancer NSU Mod) always showing how much more the engine is able to do.
  • w0dk4 from the Hamburg City Mod for the global list server and other tools.
  • Hunor, the creator of brilliant Starspheres.
  • Radiant, for the HD textured rework of the Freelancer Planets
  • Schmackbolzen for his Sur Converter
  • He||oween for his anti Bug help in critical Situations
  • Sushi, F!R, Friendly Fire, Lancer Solorus, Louva Deus, Igis, Sol Command
  • The Discovery Series such as the DS Downloader, DS Account Manager and DS Process Manager (it would be cool to get the Developers nicks to name them here). For now, we are starting with Cannon who was for sure an important part in all the above mentioned Tools and for his more not named help.
  • Sol Command for great SciFi Models and Kuze for his Ship Packs and the permission to use them.
  • Freelancer HD Icon Set by Hrimthur – which is in use now as well as his awesome HD Station Textures which will be in use later.

And of Course the Development Team of Shadow of Fear

  • Grampahun for all his work on Rumors, creating picture Databases of Vanilla stuff and and and
  • Chris for modding the Ship behaviors and maintenance of the Game Server
  • Far for his restless Bug searching, Forum Admin work and and and
  • Soryn for his excellent ship models
  • StephanoV for great Stories of the new Factions.
  • Darco and Shockwave for grafical stuff such as Logos, Loading screens and so on
  • Dark_Raven, Hero, Vardek and Soryn as in Game Testers
  • Son of Angmar for his ideas, advertising and stuff searchings

and the Developers of 88Flak

  • foxUnit01/foxBox – INI code, other stuff
  • M0tah – Flak FLHook / applet design
  • Why485 – Effects and crazy stuff, lots of testing / balance input
  • KillerJaguar – More crazy stuff, lots of testing / balance input
  • Sona1111 – Lots of testing / balance input
  • Dojutrek – Lots of testing / balance input

and many many more

open Music from: Erik Ekholm, Jan Morgenstern, Mark Neil, Vitus von Degen, Zero Project,  Rom di Prisco and Jesper Kyd, Ashley Carr, DJ Redlight

created with: Gimp, MeshLab, Autodesk, gmax, Audiacity, PSPad, ms3d, Freelancer Developer, Freelancer Explorer, Freelancer Error Checker, Freelancer Scan, Ioncross Server Tools, Discovery Server Tools, Freelancer UTF Editor, Freelancer Model Tool, Freelancer obj to sur converter, Freelancer DDS Converter, Freelancer Stats, Freelancer Locator, Nvidia DDS Utilities, planet tool by the oOElite Community, HardCmp, Freelancer Model Cloner, Freelancer Ressource Compiler…

The List is not yet finished. If you feel not being listed but you should, please inform me via PM.

Before i forget it: essential to the creation of this Mod from my side was until now:

  • 16,8 kg of arabic coffee
  • 118 l of finest irish beer
  • 40 l pure water
  • round about 3720 (my wife says it was more) cigarettes
  • round about 8 kg choclate and other sweets
  • nearly 1000 in the beginning plain sheets of paper
  • 7 pencils
  • about 1 packet of headache pills
  • one keyboard
  • nearly 3500 hours of time currently

After all these great Modders and Modelers…

At ease! Let’s play 😀

A last word: please have fun and frag each other in peace ^^


this page is not complete yet.