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Base Information

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The Orion (P)

Player-Purchasable Bases range to a variety of types – from small rocks to fully operational manufacturing and deposit platforms. They may be purchased by speaking with the bartender of any nearby Station or Planet. Player-Purchasable Bases, while not carrying any direct inventory stock, offer up every type of ammo, gun, and shield, as well as Nanobots and Shield Batteries – owners are charged a cost for having the item shipped to the station, but nothing more. Anyone may purchase any station, provided they have the funds – this includes if someone else already owns it. If you find yourself sharing a station with someone, either learn to get along, or fight for it. Anyone who does not have access to the station will be fired upon. The nature of these stations makes them choice spots for independent piracy operations, especially if near a Trade Lane; the added bonus of having it fire upon your enemies makes it a dependable escape destination, in case an assault goes wrong and you or your group have too much in pursuit to handle. Finally, every Player-Purchasable Base also features a ship of your choosing for sale, as well as the Repair Ship, which is a reliable craft capable of repairing full-size Battleships and Stations with ease – essential for many operations deep in hostile territory.

Owner: The Orion (P) 
Shortname: Player-Purchasable

System: New London 
Territory: BRETONIA


Base Stock: Commodities

Commodity  Shields & Thrusters  Weapons & Mines  Ships & Engines  Bribes



Base sells 

 Alien Organisms  no
 MOX  no
 Cardamine  no
 Niobium  no
 Optronics  no
 Cobalt  no
 Mining Machinery  no
 Basic Alloy  no
 Artifacts  no
 Copper  no
 Food Rations  no
 Construction Machinery  no
 Consumer Goods  no
 Silver  no
 VIPs  no
 Prisoners  no
 Super Alloy  no
 Wingmen License  yes
 Luxury Food  no
 Light Arms  no
 Luxury Consumer Goods  no
 Oxygen  no
 Toxic Waste  no
 Boron  no
 High-Temperature Alloy  no
 Pharmaceuticals  no
 Fertilizers  no
 Gate/Lane Parts  no
 Credit Chip  yes
 Engine Components  no
 Water  no
 Beryllium  no
 Scrap Metal  no
 Ship Hull Panels  no
 H-Fuel  no
 Superconductors  no
 Diamonds  no
 Terraforming Gases  no
 Hydrocarbons  no
 Polymers  no
 Gold  no
 Optical Chips  no