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Base Information

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Sparta Shipyard

Sparta Capital Shipyard
Sector: Plejades
Space Installation

CLASS: Navalis
CREW: Classified
ARMAMENT: Classified
OWNER: United Stars Military The Atlas and Electra Capital Shipyards are among USOs most well established starship construction facilities. These famous shipyards are responsible for building a number of illustrious vessels. It has been recognized since the latter half of the 7th century AS that the best place to construct starships is the void of space. Free from the burden of gravity, previously unthinkable manufacturing techniques become common place. When the way to Sirius was discovered and initiated the design and construction of capital spacecraft became a priority. The USO military shipyards are driven by the United Stars Military themselves. Any and all attempt in visiting these facilities will be instantly judged as hostile act and answered accordingly.

Information: Sparta Shipyard itself is located deep in a minefield. The only possibility to purchase USM capital ships is placed here. The two guarding battleships are both holding military fighter vessels and enough firepower to be adequate to the task, patrolling military forces guarantee the support.

Owner: United Stars Organization 
Shortname: USO

System: Atlas 
Territory: PLEJADES


Base Stock: Commodities

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Base sells 

 MOX  no
 Niobium  no
 Optronics  no
 Basic Alloy  no
 Food Rations  no
 Silver  no
 Super Alloy  no
 Wingmen License  yes
 Oxygen  no
 Toxic Waste  yes
 High-Temperature Alloy  no
 Pharmaceuticals  no
 Credit Chip  yes
 Engine Components  yes
 Water  no
 Scrap Metal  yes
 Ship Hull Panels  no
 Heavy Water  no
 H-Fuel  no
 Superconductors  no
 Diamonds  no
 Gold  no
 Optical Chips  no