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Base Information

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Research Center Tyros

Research Center Tyros
Sector: Plejades
Space Installation Research Center

CLASS: Gemini
GRAVITY: Complete
OWNER: United Stars Organization
DOCKING: Restricted
CREW: Unknown

The Gemini-class research stations are research facilities located in deep space, The USO once decided to put their research management out of planet sided facilities due to their enormous potential of destruction while researching weapon technologies based on heavy water. The USO already experienced that this was a wise decision. Some of these stations are based in orbit around planets or on asteroids, Or on worlds themselves, Such as dead worlds or death worlds. Research stations include actual laboratories, As well as surveillance posts for defensive purposes.

Owner: United Stars Organization 
Shortname: USO

System: Alcyone 
Territory: PLEJADES


Base Stock: Commodities

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Base sells 

 MOX  no
 Alien Organisms  no
 Fusion Weapon Components  yes
 Niobium  no
 Optronics  no
 Cardamine  no
 Mining Machinery  yes
 Food Rations  no
 Artifacts  no
 Consumer Goods  no
 Silver  no
 Wingmen License  yes
 Light Arms  yes
 Oxygen  no
 Toxic Waste  yes
 Pharmaceuticals  no
 Credit Chip  yes
 Engine Components  no
 Water  no
 Ship Hull Panels  yes
 Heavy Water  no
 H-Fuel  no
 Diamonds  no
 Terraforming Gases  yes
 Gold  no
 Optical Chips  no