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Base Information

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Planet Lutetia

Planet Lutetia System Maia planetary docking

Physics Type: Large iron/silicate Terran
Radius: 11205.96 km (1.76 x earth)
Surface Area: 1.58 x 109 km2
Land Area: 8.05 x 108 km2 (5.40 x earth)
Mass: 3.09 x 1025 kg (5.18 x earth)
Density: 5.25 g/cm3 (0.95 x earth)
Composition: 36.1% oxygen, 30.6% iron, 17.0% silicon, 14.3% nickel, 1.9% other metals, trace other elements

Gravity: 16.37 m/s2 (1.67 x earth)
Escape Velocity: 19.15 km/s

Period: 12.48 hours
Axis Tilt: 50.52 °

Water: 0.5
Ice: 0.1

Type: Dense breathable
Pressure: 157.94 kPa (1.56 x earth)
Composition: 75.1% argon, 15.3% oxygen, 9.6% carbon dioxide, trace other gases

Type: Standard
Min Temp: 250 K (-22 °C)
Avg Temp: 293 K (20 °C)
Max Temp: 336 K (63 °C)

Chemistry: Carbon
Lifeforms: Microbes

Type: Colony
Population: 1.01 billion

Information: Lutetia is one of the nicest planet within the Plejades. The 3 suns and 3 moons are giving very special sun- and moonsets as well as sun- and moonrises. It is the most used planet for marriage and therefore keeps everything which can be called romantically. Also Lutetia is the main economy planet in case of service providers within Maia. The II. Journey Book of Denise Angestrom is naming Lutetia one of the best place of restaurant too. Ofc., like in the old times, the offered dishes just have overblown names while the dishes themselves are ordinary except of the ones dealing with the local wildlife.

Owner: United Stars Organization 
Shortname: USO

System: Maia 
Territory: PLEJADES


Base Stock: Commodities

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Base sells 

 MOX  yes
 Alien Organisms  no
 Fusion Weapon Components  yes
 Niobium  no
 Optronics  yes
 Cardamine  no
 Cobalt  no
 Mining Machinery  yes
 Basic Alloy  yes
 Copper  no
 Food Rations  yes
 Artifacts  no
 Construction Machinery  yes
 Consumer Goods  yes
 Silver  no
 VIPs  no
 Super Alloy  yes
 Wingmen License  yes
 Light Arms  yes
 Luxury Food  yes
 Luxury Consumer Goods  yes
 Oxygen  yes
 Toxic Waste  no
 Boron  no
 High-Temperature Alloy  yes
 Pharmaceuticals  yes
 Fertilizers  no
 Credit Chip  yes
 Engine Components  yes
 Water  yes
 Beryllium  no
 Scrap Metal  yes
 Ship Hull Panels  yes
 Heavy Water  no
 H-Fuel  yes
 Superconductors  yes
 Diamonds  no
 Hydrocarbons  no
 Polymers  no
 Gold  no
 Optical Chips  yes