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Base Information

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Planet Harris

DIAMETER: 23,118 km.
MASS: 8.76 x 10e24 kg.
TERRAIN: Transitional
TEMPERATURE: -35°C to 48°C
ESCAPE VELOCITY: 16.78 km/sec

Previously a barren world, Harris was the object of one of the first large-scale terraforming efforts by Planetform, Inc. Initiated in 450 AS, the project was made easier by the abundance of pure Water and Oxygen ice in the system, while Terraforming Gases were easily transported by Bowex from the Stokes Mining Station in nearby Leeds. Harris was originally scheduled for colonization in 820 AS, but the project has recently suffered a series of setbacks due to attacks by Gaian terrorists.
Owner: Planetform, Inc. 
Shortname: Planetform

System: Tau-31 


Base Stock: Commodities

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Base sells 

 Alien Organisms  no
 MOX  no
 Cardamine  no
 Mining Machinery  no
 Food Rations  yes
 Silver  no
 Construction Machinery  no
 Wingmen License  yes
 Oxygen  yes
 Pharmaceuticals  no
 Credit Chip  yes
 Water  yes
 H-Fuel  yes
 Terraforming Gases  no