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Base Information

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Planet Ephesus
Sector: Plejades
Owner: United Stars Organization

Physics Type: Large iron/silicate
Radius: 9525.53 km (1.49 x earth)
Surface Area: 1.14 x 109 km2
Land Area: 1.04 x 109 km2 (6.97 x earth)
Mass: 2.28 x 1025 kg (3.82 x earth)
Density: 6.30 g/cm3 (1.14 x earth)
Composition: 36.6% iron, 23.5% aluminum, 16.8% oxygen, 14.4% silicon, 8.7% other metals, trace other elements

Gravity: 16.70 m/s2 (1.71 x earth)
Escape Velocity: 17.84 km/s

Period: 22.74 hours
Axis Tilt: 26.11 °

Water: 10 %
Ice: 0 %

Type: Standard breathable
Pressure: 120.03 kPa (1.18 x earth)
Composition: 70.9% nitrogen, 18.6% oxygen, trace other gases

Type: Desert
Min Temp: 308 K (35 °C)
Avg Temp: 312 K (39 °C)
Max Temp: 317 K (44 °C)

Chemistry: Carbon Special Features: settled Desert

Information: Ephesus is holding several silicon based lifeforms. The USO cities on Ephesus are low in water so the planets water resources are rationed. Water is kinda currency on Ephesus. However, Ephesus keeps, due to the excelent location, being one of the most important colonies of the USO in Pleione.

Owner: United Stars Organization 
Shortname: USO

System: Pleione 
Territory: PLEJADES


Base Stock: Commodities

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Base sells 

 Cardamine  no
 Mining Machinery  no
 Construction Machinery  no
 Consumer Goods  no
 Wingmen License  yes
 Luxury Food  no
 Luxury Consumer Goods  no
 Toxic Waste  no
 Pharmaceuticals  no
 Fertilizers  no
 Credit Chip  yes
 Engine Components  no
 Water  no
 H-Fuel  no
 Terraforming Gases  no