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New London

Settled Planets New London
Bases Canterbury Station Waterloo Station Kensington Station Southampton Shipyard Battleship Suffolk Thames Outpost
Corporations Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing Planetform, Inc. Gateway Shipping Interspace Commerce
Criminals Corsairs Mollys Outcasts Gaians Junkers
Produces Oxygen Water

 Base   Owner 
 Planet New London   Bretonia Royal Police 
 Southampton Shipyard   BMM 
 Battleship Suffolk   Bretonia Armed Forces 
 Waterloo Station   Interspace Commerce 
 Canterbury Station   Planetform, Inc. 
 Thames Outpost   BMM 
 Kensington Shipping Platform   Gateway Shipping 
 Trafalgar Base   Junkers 
 The Orion (P)   The Orion (P) 
Shadow of Fear System California
Shadow of Fear System California mining Map