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Ship Information

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Kusari J20P-21F Drone

Often referred to as “Bees of the golden hive”, this freighter class is widely recognized as playing a key role in Kusari’s trade and commercial viability. The vast cargo space and significant offensive and defensive capabilities of the “Drone” ensure that the individual commercemen are empowered to deliver.


Ship Class: Combat Freighter
Roles: Missile Support, Trade
Weapon Mounts: 8
Armor: 18000
Cargo Space: 100
Max Batteries/Nanobots: 45/45
Shield Classes: Class 1-6 HF Shield
Weapon Classes: Class 1-6 Fighter Turret

Additional Equipment: Mine, Counter-Measure
Included Equipment: None
Strafe / Reverse Speed: 25%
Base Power Supply Capacity: 6500
Base Power Supply Regen: 650
Player-Carrier: No
Can Dock w/ Player-Carriers: Yes (type /d to dock)


Additional Stats:

Price: 1.560.000 Cr.
Impulse Speed: 213.33, Engine Capacity: 9.500, Engine Charge Rate: 650
Thrust Capacity: 300.000, Thrust Charge Rate: 2.500
Maximum Angular Speed: 1.2, Time to reach 90 degrees: 0.58, Strafe Force: 6.000

All values above will be altered when using a different engine.

Places to buy this Ship:
 Base   System   Base Owner 
 Planet New Tokyo   New Tokyo   Kusari State Police 
 Planet Junyo   Shikoku   Samura Industries