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Ship Information

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USO Gunboat


USO Gunboat

Codename: Krosov

When it €˜s time to take out a failing target in a battle, the USO calls in its Krosov gunboats to do the job. A small group of Krosovs can quickly cause catastrophic damage to an enemy and can survive against defenders with its heavier shields and hull. Regrettably, the situation is dire enough that the USO command is considering equipping radioactive warheads to the Krosov, to activly strike against the raising pirate plaque, since the way to Sirius was reopened.


Ship Class: Capital, Medium
Roles: Heavy Support
Weapon Mounts: 6
Torpedo Mounts: 2
Special Weapon Mount: 1
Armor: 2000000
Shield Classes: Capital
Cargo Space: 90
Max Batteries/Nanobots: 0/0
Weapon Classes: Armored DG Turrets

Additional Equipment: Large Forward Gun
Included Equipment: Cloaking Device
Strafe / Reverse Speed: 25%
Base Power Supply Capacity: 50000
Base Power Supply Regen: 1500
Player-Carrier: No
Can Dock w/ Player-Carriers: No

Gunboat Cloaking Device included:

Cloaking devices allow a ship to maneuver while remaining completely undetectable by outside sensors. Offensive and defensive Equipment cannot be activated while a cloak is active. High End Military, Recon, anti Capital and Capital as well as certain Transport ships are most commonly fitted with cloaking devices.

Fighter Cloak Usage: Type /cloak (/c) in chat to toggle the Fighter Cloak on, and /uncloak (/uc) to toggle it off.

Usage Time: 120s
Cooldown Time: 120s
Warmup Time: 15s


Additional Stats:

Price: 160.704.800 Cr.
Impulse Speed: 0, Engine Capacity: 50.000, Engine Charge Rate: 2.000
Thrust Capacity: 1, Thrust Charge Rate: 0
Maximum Angular Speed: 0.5, Time to reach 90 degrees: 0.18, Strafe Force: 307.200

All values above will be altered when using a different engine.

Places to buy this Ship:
 Base   System   Base Owner 
 Sparta Shipyard   Atlas   United Stars Organization