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Ship Information

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Repair Ship


Repair Ship

With the hazards of business, commerce, expansion, and exploration, ships sustain damage. These units are part of the damage control team.


Ship Class: Repair
Roles: Repair Support Weapon Mounts: 2
Armor: 15000
Cargo Space: 10
Max Batteries/Nanobots: 50/50
Shield Classes: Class 1-3 HF Shield
Weapon Classes: Class 1-3 Fighter Turret

Additional Equipment: Repair Turret, Integrated Afterburner, Self-Repair (100hp/s)
Included Equipment: Repair Turret, Integrated Afterburner, Self-Repair (100hp/s)
Strafe / Reverse Speed: 25%
Base Power Supply Capacity: 12500
Base Power Supply Regen: 400
Player-Carrier: No
Can Dock w/ Player-Carriers: No


Additional Stats:

Price: 1.110.060 Cr.
Impulse Speed: 0, Engine Capacity: 12.500, Engine Charge Rate: 400
Thrust Capacity: 1, Thrust Charge Rate: 0
Maximum Angular Speed: 1.2, Time to reach 90 degrees: 0.58, Strafe Force: 6.000

All values above will be altered when using a different engine.

Places to buy this Ship:
 Base   System   Base Owner 
 Prison Station Mitchell Complex   Alaska   Abandoned 
 Pacifica Base (P)   Bering   Abandoned 
 Freeport 9 (P)   Omicron Theta   Abandoned 
 n00b base!   The Nexus   Abandoned 
 Toronto Depot (P)   New York   Toronto Depot (P) 
 Ithaca Storage Depot (P)   New York   Ithaca Storage Depot (P) 
 San Francisco Depot (P)   California   San Francisco Depot (P) 
 Battleship Miami (P)   Texas   Battleship Miami (P) 
 The Orion (P)   New London   The Orion (P) 
 Abandoned Outpost (P)   Cambridge   Abandoned Outpost (P) 
 Abandoned Prison (P)   Dublin   Abandoned Prison (P) 
 Soyokaze Depot (P)   New Tokyo   Soyokaze Depot (P) 
 Ryu Station (P)   Kyushu   Ryu Station (P) 
 Kyoto Depot (P)   Hokkaido   Kyoto Depot (P) 
 The Dictator (P)   New Berlin   The Dictator (P) 
 The Negotiator (P)   Hamburg   The Negotiator (P) 
 The Outlander (P)   Omega-3   The Outlander (P) 
 Orbital Relay Station (P)   Omega-11   Orbital Relay Station (P) 
 Communications Nexus (P)   Sigma-17   Communications Nexus (P) 
 Gas Miner Sojo (P)   Sigma-19   Gas Miner Sojo (P) 
 Freeport 13 (P)   Tau-29   Freeport 13 (P)