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Ship Information

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Viper I



The distinctive arrowhead shape of the Viper patrol craft is a frequent sight around all USO space stations, even in the most dangerous systems with the most poorly funded police forces. A small, nimble craft optimized for routine police patrols, it is a shape that can strike fear into the hearts of smugglers and pirates. The ship is typically single-crew, but for special purposes can carry up to 10 (mostly for boarding and sting raids against smugglers).

Notable features The Viper is an old design, having first rolled out from colonized planets after pirating became common in the USO systems. However, it is one of those designs that was just right, hence its longevity. Although the original design is relatively slow and the shielding/hull strength a little on the weak side to take on ships such as capital ships, it still performs admirably as a local patrol craft for station defence and anti-smuggling inspections. A standard fitting is a row of white strobe lights, which the crew will illuminate when actively pursuing another craft, or signalling it to stop.

All too many commanders try and run when they see the flashing lights – but this usually elicits death by laser from the Viper. A few older Vipers have appeared on the civilian markets, sold as the Renegade Viper. Sales were terminated when it became clear that the ship was popular as an inexpensive pirate fighter since a trader would normally not pay much attention to a Viper, believing it to be a police vessel. If the craft was a Renegade piloted by a pirate, this usually was the last action of the said trader.

Rumors are telling that also a newer reworked version of this Ship will patrol soon. To get your Hands on one of these Ships you need to serve the United Stars Military or you will just see the flashing of it’s superior firepower.


Ship Class: Light Fighter
Roles: Superiority, Anti-Torpedo
Weapon Mounts: 4
Armor: 14500
Cargo Space: 20
Max Batteries/Nanobots: 25/25
Shield Classes: Class 1-5 LF Shield
Weapon Classes: Class 1-5 Fighter Turret

Additional Equipment: Cruise Disruptor, Mine, 2X Thruster
Included Equipment: 2x Fighter Turret
Strafe / Reverse Speed: 100%
Base Power Supply Capacity: 4500
Base Power Supply Regen: 450
Player-Carrier: No
Can Dock w/ Player-Carriers: Yes (type /d to dock)

Military type vessel including special equipment or abilities.


Additional Stats:

Price: 82.233.280 Cr.
Impulse Speed: 217.19, Engine Capacity: 9.500, Engine Charge Rate: 750
Thrust Capacity: 600.000, Thrust Charge Rate: 5.000
Maximum Angular Speed: 2, Time to reach 90 degrees: 0.18, Strafe Force: 20.000

All values above will be altered when using a different engine.

Places to buy this Ship:
 Base   System   Base Owner 
 Battleship Platon   Atlas   United Stars Organization