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Posted by Daywalker on Nov 5, 2012

Shadow of Fear new Factions, Systems, Stations and commodities

Video: Development of new Factions, Stations, Systems and commodities.

Apart from the Mod holding 8 new Factions and 8 new Bots now, like shown in the Video as for example the USO (United Stars Organization) and the Coalition, it also holds now several new goods to trade with or getting them from placed wrecks all around the new Systems.

A major point for Freelancer always was the necessity to trade, mine, loot or whatever else you did for earning some credits. Shadow of Fear now tries the way to keep these types as balanced as possible. While having spots to sell ore for a pretty good price you also will earn much money from selling the loot of taken down human players or NPC’s since 88Flak comes allready with reality loots (that means, if you shoot down a train filled with a commodity – it will drop the cargo near to the amount it was transporting) you need to be faster than the NPC tractors.

Additional to this scenario you may also loot credit chips and kill tokens which can also be sold or stored. Introduced and balanced trading spots are last but not least – because they are offering perfect profits as well now.







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