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Posted by Daywalker on Dec 10, 2013

Outcast Heavy Fighter Discoverer

Outcast Heavy Fighter Discoverer Outcast Discoverer

The Discoverer is aptly named, given that it fills the scouting role in the GMG. Classed as a HF, the Discoverer has decent combat capability, but some particularly daredevil pilots have been known to challenge CapShips in these crafts. While few have survived, some have proved that speed can make all the difference.

The GMG Discoverer compared to other ships in the GMG Fleet, is relatively young. Medium armed, it is versatile, and very manoeuverable. It is also the preferred training fighter for GMG pilots. Today they are also used for scouting and it is quite common to find a small wing of these ships accompanying an exploration craft.

Pirate variants are faster and usually have a higher shield generator power than their regular counterparts, but trade off cargo capacity and some have reduced shield capacity despite the more powerful generator.


Ship Class: Heavy Fighter
Roles: Basic Support, Bombing
Weapon Mounts: 6
Armor: 15000
Cargo Space: 25
Max Batteries/Nanobots: 50/50
Shield Classes: Class 1-7 HF Shield
Weapon Classes: Class 1-6 Fighter Turret

Outcast Heavy Fighter Discoverer
Outcast Heavy Fighter Discoverer


Additional Equipment: Cruise Disruptor, Mine, Countermeasure, Thruster
Included Equipment: none
Strafe / Reverse Speed: 100%
Base Power Supply Capacity: 4500
Base Power Supply Regen: 450
Player-Carrier: No
Can Dock w/ Player-Carriers: Yes (type /d to dock)


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