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 Shadow of Fear Tractor Upgrades | Shadow of Fear
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Posted by Daywalker on Jul 11, 2013

Tractor Upgrades

Tractor Upgrades are lootable – but it’s rare to get them directly. You can also loot build items, everytime you will destroy an NPC. These build items can be used, together with credit chips and unassisted kill tokens, to build the item you want while using the build command (see under FL Hook Player commands).


Tractor Upgrades

TractorBeam Standard

The Standard Tractor projects energy beams to manipulate or retrieve objects in space. Uses a variation of the same technology that produces energy shields.

Range: 2000m

Extend Speed: 600m/s

TractorBeam Hurricane
The Hurricane Tractor project is an effort to provide users with a tractor beam solution that operates at quicker speeds. Unfortunately, range must be severely limited to maintain beam stability. Because of this, the Hurricane project is still under development, and only a few working prototypes have been released onto the public market for field testing.

Range: 1000m

Extend Speed: 1200m/s

TractorBeam Longbeam

The Longbeam Tractor project is an initiative to extend tractor beam stability for use over longer distances – in contrast to the Hurricane project, which seeks to design a tractor beam that is as quick as possible. As with the Hurricane project, only a few prototypes of the Longbeam Tractor have been released onto the public market for field testing.

Range: 3500m

Extend Speed: 343m/s

TractorBeam Advanced Manipulation System

The Advanced Manipulation System was independently designed and implemented by Liberty Navy ace “Kitt.” It has since floated around Sirius, now in use by many mining operations for retrieval of freshly mined minerals.

Range: 5000m

Extend Speed: 240m/s

TractorBeam Loot grab thing

Steal your friend’s loot today!

Range: 1000m

Extend Speed: 2400m/s!

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