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Posted by Daywalker on Jul 5, 2013

Scanner Upgrades

Scanner Upgrades are lootable – but it’s rare to get them directly. You can also loot build items, everytime you will destroy an NPC. These build items can be used, together with credit chips and unassisted kill tokens, to build the item you want while using the build command (see under FL Hook Player commands).


Scanner Upgrades

Scanner01 MTU

The Mobile Tracking Unit – questionably legal – is currently unavailable to public markets. With its advanced tracking and cargo scanning ranges, the MTU is the most common scanner used by elite pirates that trade on the black market.

Detection Range: ~5000m

Tracking Range: 15000m

Cargo Scan Range: 3000m

Scanner01 Advanced Scanner

The Advanced Scanner uses proprietary sensor technology and AI heuristics to analyze any cargo that may be present. Currently still a prototype, it is not slated to hit public markets for some time.

Detection Range: ~5000m

Tracking Range: 17500m

Cargo Scan Range: 4500m

Scanner01 CTS

The Confed Tactical Scanner carries improved tracking and cargo scanning capabilities. It is currently one of the best, and is common among elite Bounty Hunters and Police operatives.

Detection Range: ~5000m

Tracking Range: 20000m

Cargo Scan Range: 6000m

Scanner01 PDS

The Precision Depth System was developed by the Rheinland Military for use in guided strikes on orbital stations. However, the warheads these were designed for abruptly detonated on the RNS Rheingold, and the project was scrapped. Useless on ships otherwise, the AI systems are commonly tweaked to yield exceptional tracking and cargo scanning ranges.

Detection Range: ~5000m

Tracking Range: 22500m

Cargo Scan Range: 7500m

Scanner01 Nomad Hunter
Nothing is known about this item. It is reported to have tracking distances second only to planetary defense grids.
Detection Range: ~5000m
Tracking Range: 25000m
Cargo Scan Range: Unlimited
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