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Posted by Daywalker on Jun 25, 2013

Personalize the Forum Style

On the top right corner of the Forum, to the right of your logged in user name you can see several tools.







A Tool to activate the Forums Sidebar

Collapse or expand the Forums Sidebar

The Sidebar is not yet active but will hold server informations in the future

Change Background

Change the background image

The background image of the forum can be changed with this tool. 10 different backgrounds are aviable.

A Tool for activating the small forum width

Switch to fixed page width

The forum width will be changed to the normal forums view.

A Tool for activating the large Forum width

Switch to full page width

The forum width will expand to the edges of the screen.

A Tool for changing the Link and Textcolor

toggle text and link colors

change the link and text color to a dark or a bright lettering for text and links.

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