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 FL Hook Command store, unstore | Shadow of Fear
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Posted by Daywalker on Jun 8, 2013

store, unstore, sinfo

/store <n> <n> or /store all

<n> is a number shown by /enumcargo <n> is the amount to be stored

/unstore <n> <n>

<n> is a number shown by /enumcargo <n> is the amount to be unstored


shows all the goods in the storage



1) /enumcargo shows the numbers of your equipment in cargohold for example 66 and you have 20 parts of it You are searching a depot and focus it.

2) /store 66 1 is putting this part to the store

3) /sinfo shows what in the depot is and the numbers of the cargo to unstore

4) /unstore 12 1 takes this part out (if the item you wants to unstore has the number 12)

Store Items to a depot


Store Items to a depot

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