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Posted by Daywalker on Jan 31, 2013

Freelancer 3D capable Videocard not detected

Rating: The issue is not hard to solve.

Issue: Freelancer does not detect your Grafic Card

Reason: Your Grafic Card is newer than the Game.


Freelancer had it´s Release in 2003.

You might think, well, perfect my Grafic Card is from 2012 this Game will run perfect within my High End Gaming System.

But unfortunal this old Game may not recognise your Grafic Card.

For this Louva-Deus (cudos man) updated the File which is responsible for the detection of your grafic card on a regular base. Unfortunal the File is now outdated.

But it is not that hard to do it yourself.

Just follow this manual step by step to put your grafic card into the database, so the game will proper recognize it:

First of all you need the manufacturer and the vendor of your Grafic Card.

With a freeware Tool called GPU-Z it will be easy to find out:

1) Download this tool by using this GPU-Z Download Link.

It´s an exe file, you do not need to install anything. Simply doubleclick it whereever you downloaded it to (on Vista and above with Admin rights please).

You will see something similar like this:


















The marked parts are what you need.

1) Now open your mypathtofreelancer\Freelancer\EXE Directory in your Explorer.
2) Search for a file named flconfigdatabase.txt and open it with for example notepad (if the file is write protected you need to disable the write protection first).
3) Search your manufacturer in the file – in my case NVIDIA
4) Have a look where your type of Card is listed – in my case GeForce
5) Scroll down to the last GeForce (or ofc. your Crads type) entry – here it´s:

0x0398 = “GeForce Go7600 (??)” // added by Louva-Deus

for the GeForce Cards.

6) Now insert your Grafic Cards Vendor by using the second marked part of GPU-Z which is in my case 0A34 – simply put a 0x before and the correct name of your Card without the name of the manufacturer behind it so it will look like this for example:

0x0A34 = “GeForce GT 240M” // added by Daywalker

7) Save the File.

You will notice that several glitches will not exsist anymore. Also you will be able to see possible Mega Asteroids if the Mod supports them, which makes mining more profitable and some more things. In many cases where spawning NPC´s stucked the Game it also went away.

Keep on fragging 😉

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31 Responses to “Freelancer 3D capable Videocard not detected”

  1. jxpasser says:

    it works,thanks

  2. Simzy says:

    Cant get Freelancer to run on my Geforce GTX 570 :(

    0x0391 = “GeForce 7600 GT (??)” // added by Louva-Deus
    0x1086 = “GeForce GTX 570 (??)” // added by Simzy
    0x0392 = “GeForce 7600 GS (??)” // added by Louva-Deus
    0x0398 = “GeForce Go7600 (??)” // added by Louva-Deus
    if os > win2k
    if driver <

  3. bormos3 says:

    My GPU-Z doesn’t show anything….it’s empty

  4. Lord Of Night says:

    It says access denied when I try to save it help!!

  5. Daywalker says:

    You are trying to save GPU-Z from the external download link and it says access dinied while trying to save it on your computer?

    If yes, you need to get the right to save files to your computer.

    If no, i didn’t understood what you are asking for, sorry.

  6. kay says:

    I can’t get it to run with my added video card GeForce GTX 560

    0x0253 = “GeForce4 Ti4200”
    0x0258 = “GeForce4 Quadro”
    0x0259 = “GeForce4 Quadro”
    0x025b = “GeForce4 Quadro”
    0x1201 = “GeForce GTX 560” //added by harrington
    if os > win2k
    if driver <

    • Daywalker says:

      The flconfigdatabase you use, seems not to be the one from Shadow of Fear. If so your last entries would be like follows:

      0x034F = “Quadro FX (NV36GL)” // added by Louva-Deus
      0x0391 = “GeForce 7600 GT (??)” // added by Louva-Deus
      0x0392 = “GeForce 7600 GS (??)” // added by Louva-Deus
      0x0398 = “GeForce Go7600 (??)” // added by Louva-Deus

      Download the latest flconfigdatabase.txt at and put it in your Freelancer EXE Directory

      With your specs are more than one vendor possible.

      You need to use a program wich is reading the vendor – do not use internet databases. GPU-Z was mentioned – it’s free – recheck it.

  7. BudgieMusic says:

    I couldn’t get it see my card
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670

    • Daywalker says:

      in the flconfigdatabase.txt of your exe directory of freelancer


      0x034E = “Quadro FX 1100 (NV36GL)” // added by Louva-Deus
      0x034F = “Quadro FX (NV36GL)” // added by Louva-Deus
      0x0391 = “GeForce 7600 GT (??)” // added by Louva-Deus
      0x0392 = “GeForce 7600 GS (??)” // added by Louva-Deus
      0x0398 = “GeForce Go7600 (??)” // added by Louva-Deus


      0x0FC6 = “GeForce GTX 670 (??)” // added by BudgieMusic

  8. This was an awesome article, thank you very much for the information.

  9. fwg90 says:

    Works for my GTX 680

    Many thanks Daywalker

  10. T0mh1gg1ns says:

    Hi Daywalker I have an AMD Radeon HD 6450, there are other Radeon classes on there but no AMDs or HDs for that matter but i have still entered it in with no luck as
    // series (0x67–)
    0x6779 = “AMD Radeon HD 6450 (??)” // added by Louva-Deus

    but still no luck? still comes up as freelancer did no detect…
    greatly appreciated if you could help me out here
    thanks Tom.

    • Daywalker says:

      I found two possible specific Vendors for your Card:

      Both for the AMD Radeon HD 6450 1) series Vancover Vendor ID 6761 and 2) series NI Vendor ID 6779 (the one you tested all ready). If your card is a mobile one it would be series sumo_mobile with the vendor ID 9648.

      If nothing will do the trick just use the general AMD Radeon HD 6400 Series Vendor for NI Cards 6770 or the general AMD Radeon HD 6400M Series Vancouver ID 6760. However, the specific Vendor, displayed on your Machine, should be always preferred – just in case someone is going to port Freelancer to DX11 😉

      • Kicker2083 says:

        Hi, I have a similar AMD card that isn’t working. It’s an AMD Radeon HD 8570 and I am putting in:

        0x6611 = “Radeon HD 8570”

        The device ID is according to GPU Z program you recommended.

        Any help you could give would be appreciated.

  11. Jimmy Brown says:

    okay my card is intel (R) 82945G express chipest family and i put is like so in the flconfigdatebase

    // INTEL

    Vendor = 0x8086 “Intel”

    0x7800 = “740”
    0x1240 = “752”

    0x7121 = “810”
    0x7123 = “810”
    0x7124 = “810e”
    0x7125 = “810e”
    0x7126 = “810”
    0x7127 = “810”
    0x1132 = “815”

    if os > win2k
    if driver <
    if os == win2k
    if driver <
    if os < win2k
    if driver win2k
    if driver <
    if os == win2k
    if driver <
    if os < win2k
    if driver <

    and still don't work , i would be really graceful if you helped me out ,because i love this game and i want to play it so bad . thanks

    • Daywalker says:

      The vendor of the intel card is nearly everytime the same, which is 8086 (funny…)

      You need to alter the Device ID – shown above is one of the intel parts of the flconfigdatabase.

      possible device id’s for your gpu are:

      0x027AE Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family 0x8086 Intel Corporation
      0x2770 Host Bridge/DRAM Controller 0x8086 Intel Corporation
      0x2771 Host to PCI Express Bridge 0x8086 Intel Corporation
      0x2772 Chipset Intel® 82945G Express 0x8086 Intel Corporation
      0x2776 INTEL(R) 82945G EXPRESS FAMILY 0x8086 Intel Corporation
      0x3038 USB\VID_03F0&PID_0205 0xA259 Hewlett Packard

      The Intel 945 Chipset , which is the one you are using, is partly covered by Sushi’s submission of Louva Deus’s flconfigdatabase.txt. Get it from The Starport: after you unzipped the file, put it in the yourpathtofreelancer/EXE/ directory, overwriting the one you have. It should run now, but ->

      -> If that doesn’t work either search for:

      // 9xx series not supported under 9X or ME
      0x2772 = “945G Express Chipset Family” // added by Louva-Deus 4/16/2007
      0x2776 = “945G Express Chipset Family” // added by Louva-Deus 4/16/2007

      after it input:

      0x2770 = “Host Bridge/DRAM Controller” //added by Jimmy Brown
      0x2771 = “Host to PCI Express Bridge” //added by Jimmy Brown
      0x027AE = “Mobile Intel(R) 945 Express Chipset Family” //added by Jimmy Brown

      If one of this methods is working for you, please leave a reply here, so others can use the article too – thanks.

  12. Kara says:

    The file is write proctected. How do I change that? Noob here.

    • Daywalker says:

      Right Mouseclick -> Properties -> click away the hook next to write protected.
      Open the File with an Editor.
      Change the Settings.
      Save the File.

      Good luck 😉

  13. Nephius says:

    Hi my GPU is GeForce GTX650 and don’t know how exactly it should look..

    • Daywalker says:

      It looks like this (klickme)

      If you ask for the vendor, it should be 0x10DE as long as you have a Ti Card

      The entry in the flconfigdatabase.txt of your exe directory of freelancer is:


      0x034E = “Quadro FX 1100 (NV36GL)” // added by Louva-Deus
      0x034F = “Quadro FX (NV36GL)” // added by Louva-Deus
      0×0391 = “GeForce 7600 GT (??)” // added by Louva-Deus
      0×0392 = “GeForce 7600 GS (??)” // added by Louva-Deus
      0×0398 = “GeForce Go7600 (??)” // added by Louva-Deus


      0x10DE = “GeForce GTX 650” // added by Nephius

  14. Harr says:


    I have tried your solution, but the game still gives me that fatal error…

    I have a AMD Radeon HD 6900 series.

    // HD Series (0x69–)
    0x6719 = “Radeon HD 6900”

    I hope u can correct me if i have done something wrong.


  15. Harr says:

    Hello, people i have found a second solution.

    When freelancer doesn’t recognize your 3d video card! It is because direct3D acceleration is not available in Windows 7.

    I already knew this but didn’t know how to fix this. The option of 3d acceleration is greyed out!

    I solved my problem using this solution.

    This is the link


    I spent over 5 hours on this one and finaly figured it out.

    Use REGEDIT and change the “SoftwareOnly” key from “1” to “0” in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Direct3D\Drivers

    and then reboot the system and it should work.

    The problem was the DXDIAG under 64bit worked fine but it was disabled for 32bit programs.

    I hope this helps for people that have win7 or a newer video card.


    • Daywalker says:

      I can not confirm or reject this solution, my configuration has other regedit entries. It seems to be logical so we need a few more reviews please.

  16. Neit says:

    Hi, I tried with

    0x1245 = “GeForce GTS 450 (??)”

    Got and Palit GeForce GTS 450 and my id device it’s 1245 but my Freelancer still does not manage to recognize my graphic card.

    Am I writting this incorrectly?

  17. Lord Irado says:

    Mine is giving me huge trouble. I tired what was said and it still says i do not have a recognizable graphics card. For my GPU here

    For my Fldatabase here
    Let me know how to fix this.

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