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 Freelancer fps fixed | Shadow of Fear
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Posted by Daywalker on Mar 18, 2013

The fps is fixed to 60 when playing Freelancer

Rating: The issue is not an issue, no solving is needed.

Issue: My Frames per Second are fixed to 60

Reason: Most modern grafic cards are using the vsync function to synchronize the frames per second with the Hz frequence of the monitors. 60 Frames per second means 60 Pictures are send to the Monitor. Modern Flatscreens do not use more than 60 Hz (the refreshes of the monitor per second) if in this case the grafic card is sending 60 frames which originally will be handled by the monitor, everything is good to go within your configuration. Serious, you do not need more fps than your Monitor is able to display as well as your eye is normally not able to see more than 18 pictures per second, while cinematic films are recorded with 25 pictures per second. For those of you who are going to benchmark their Game, you may switch of vsync in the settings of your nvidia adapter or use the ati traytool to do same same for ati manufatored chips. After it the correct fps will be shown.

Solution: not needed, everything is good to go.

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3 Responses to “The fps is fixed to 60 when playing Freelancer”

  1. Alex says:

    First off, VSync CANNOT be deactivated through normal means on AMD video cards. It requires a 3rd party program like Radeon Pro.
    Secondly, VSync causes massive mouse lag in Freelancer. Your mouse feels like “on ice” with 60 FPS, you constantly slide over stuff you want to click.

    • Alex says:

      Do the test, if you have an NVidia card. If you always played with VSync, you are of course used to the shitty mouse behavior, but turn it off for once. You’ll definitely notice how much more accurate the pointer is, if you turn it off.

    • Daywalker says:

      Nvidia: 3D Settings, manage 3D Settings, scroll down to the last entry.

      Catalyst Control Suite or Ati Tray Tools.

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