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 Freelancer fps are very low | Shadow of Fear
Freelancer Community Network
Posted by Daywalker on Mar 18, 2013

I have low fps in Freelancer/ My grafic card seems to be to old

Rating: The issue is technically related, easy to solve.

Issue: Low Frames per Second

Reason: You are most likely running Freelancer on an older or “bad” configured Machine. Often this problems occures because of using an onboard graphic chip with low graphics dedicated memory. Shadow of Fear and most other major Freelancer Mods are using Directx 9 interpreter to be able to use DirectX 9 features. Freelancer was born in times where DirctX 7 and 8 was actual now we are in times of DirectX 11.

Shadow of Fear is using the enb series converter of Boris Voronzov: http://www.enbdev.com/ . The settings of each Game are different. Modders mostly try to make their Mod looking as good as possible and because of this more and more grafical power is needed to display everything – eventhough Freelancer was developed on DirectX 8 and tend to be running on every modern Machine.

Solution: The easiest solution is to disable the DirectX 9 Features of the enb series. Ofc. everything will not be so shiny and 3D anymore but you are able to play the Game with enough fps. Just go to “Your Freelancer Directory” locate the EXE Folder and rename all containing d3d*.dll files (3) to for example d3d*.dll.bak. This way you are switching the DirectX 9 Functions off, logical the fps will rise.

Just a note: DirectX 9 Graphic Cards are a technique up to the year 2005. Everything builded after 2006 should natively support Directx 9. It is mostly a general graphic cards settings problem when your computer can’t handle Freelancer with the modded additions.




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