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Posted by Daywalker on Jan 10, 2013

Alien Communications Hub

The Alien Communications Hub is an unknown Technology. The USO is currently not able to get through the Shield. In this stage you can watch the Dev Version. The Video is also available in HD, to use it, just switch.

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5 Responses to “Alien Communications Hub”

  1. Michael says:

    The beams are not supposed to asymetrically break like that, maybe too many effects at once ?

    • Daywalker says:

      Yeah the beams are not supposed to do that, but they do now 😉

      The small beams are connected to the Antennas and working in an extension of them (technically and mod related) – the direction was choosen on purpose.

      Storysided the Hub itself is collecting energy from the three Suns of Maia.

      The effects are high at this place but we still have 60-90 fps with fighting alien and uso ships, with maxed out lights and ship internal effects, around and ofc. dependend on the client sided used Hardware.

      I myself was unsure whether or not it will work proper but it does especially after the new rendering updates the old engine can do much more than before.

      Maia is not online yet but will be soon after a few other fixes of our ship maintenance officer :) (kidding, the shiparch.ini need a few fixes before we are going to release a new DeV Update).

  2. Daywalker says:

    It’s required to use a valid eMail Adress for posting comments. This is a portal, we are happy for every comment being made, but we want to keep it serious.

    Every comment have to be approved and will be, as long as it is a serious attempt.

    Hope you understand, in fact nobody must hide in the Shadows or Fear something as long as you comment openly and use the netiquette for your comments.

    please comment again.

  3. Sometimes you mightTryTo Beast masterTalent

    • Daywalker says:

      probably, sometimes – but their are still enough talented Freelancer modders outside – we do what we can and keep being modest.

      Our work is based on the work of many other modders. Visit our credit page to get a feeling how many ppl was more or less involved.

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