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Posted by Daywalker on Nov 7, 2012

My Game is crashing to the Desktop after i was switching Accounts

Rating: The issue is known.

Issue: Game is crashing to the Desktop after Accounts are switched

Reason: The massive changings to the original Freelancer Game with 88Flak in the Background and Shadow of Fear in Front are producing things which are for the moment not to find, because we do not invest much effort in searching them. Many things are impossible within Shadow of Fear – it comes with the unique Newbie Protection in which you can fly two starter ships which are equipped with an equipment part which will make it impossible to be harmed by other players but of course by NPC’s, undock kills are also impossible because the pilot is protected by the game for a good amount of time as the undocking player. F1 out of space is running for the one leaving space but the ship will still stay in space for a period of time even though the player is still away from the server. Additional to this it is not possible to come back with the same account for a few minutes. As well as 88Flak Shadow of Fear is started in a few seconds – so if you really need to switch your account, just leave the game and restart it after you switched the accounts.

Solution: For a later stage of the Mod.

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