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Posted by Daywalker on Nov 6, 2012

The Mod Server Files does not start a Shadow of Fear Server

Rating: No solution for the moment.

Issue: The Shadow of Fear Server Files are missing

Reason: Currently Shadow of Fear is under permanent Development. Theirfor it is called a beta. Beta also means, that the Files are patched very often – much more often than you may get client updates from the downloader. The server files also have to contain so called hashcodes, for the Server operating Systems of Freelancer, and additionally in stone written settings for FLHook. If these files are not up to date while you are playing on an updated version of Shadow of Fear you will have automatic bannings, crashes of your server and much more problems. We are modding and bugfixing most eagerly so we do not have the needed time to support servers running on unready versions of Shadow of Fear. Thanks for your understanding.

Solution: Please wait for the first stable version to be released.

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