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/tag <faction> Changes your affiliation to <faction>, making it appear beside your name...
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dp (death penalty)

/dp [on|off] Shows information about the death penalty.  Also sets whether a notice about how much the death penalty costs is shown upon launch. The death penalty is charged when being destroyed. As better your ship as higher the death penalty is. Death penalties are also partly given to the winner of a...
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transfer, enumcargo

/transfer <charname> <item> Transfers <item> to <charname>.  Valid items are those that are not grouped (like commodities and ammo).  Charges a price set in the ini to the sender./transfer$ <client-id> <item> Same as above but with client-id. /enumcargo Prints out a...
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/dock and /d Docks your ship at a valid player ship, allowing you to repair and buy equipment as with a normal...
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mark, unmark, groupmark, groupunmark, ignoregroupmarks, automark

/mark and /m Makes the selected object appear in the important section of the contacts and have an arrow on the side of the screen, as well as have > and < on the sides of the selection box. /unmark and /um Unmarks the selected object marked with the /mark (/m) command. /groupmark and /gm Marks...
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