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 FL Hook Player Commands | Shadow of Fear - Part 2
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/autobuy <on|off> – on: saves the current configuration of unmounted items and attempts to complete that configuration upon entering a base. – off: deletes the current...
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ignore, ignoreid, delignore, ignorelist, ignoreuniverse

/ignore <charname> [<flags>] ignore chat from certain players/ignoreid <client-id> [<flags>] ignore by client-id /delignore <id> [<id2> <id3> …] delete ignore entry /ignorelist display ignore list /ignoreuniverse <on|off> Ignores chat from the universe...
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/ids show client-ids of all players/id show own...
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cloak, uncloak

/cloak and /c Cloak the ship if a cloaking device is present on it. If used when cloaked, shows the time remaining for the cloak./uncloak and /uc Uncloak the ship if it is...
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/rename <new name> Renames the logged-in character to the new name.  Costs an amount of credits set in the...
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sendcash, sendcash$

/sendcash <charname> <amount> Sends <amount> of credits to <charname>.  Charges a tax set in the ini to the sender./sendcash$ <client-id> <amount> Same as above but with...
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/afk [Message] Sets away from keyboard message, which is automatically sent to people who message you. The default message is “I’m away from my keyboard right now.” If no message is appended to the command and AFK is set, then AFK is unset; otherwise the message is updated with the new...
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invite, inviteall

/i$ <client-id> and /invite$ <client-id> invite player to group by client-id /inviteall [name part] and /ia [name part] Invites all players on server to join into a group with you. If [name part] is present, it only invites those who have [name part] in their...
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shieldsdown, shieldsup

/shieldsdown and /sd Makes the shields on your ship fail. /shieldsup and /su Makes the shields on your ship recharge to the levels they were at when the shields down command was used. Note that it will not make your shields go up...
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/help [command] and /? [command] If command is not specified, prints out list of commands.  If it is specified, prints out information on...
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