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 Ships | Shadow of Fear - Part 2
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Coalition Basilisk lambda-37

Basilisk lambda-37 The Basilisk-class assault light military Fighter is a cutting-edge starfighter created by the Coalition during the great war in Sol, the first prototypes entered service during the early beginning of the War with the Alliance. The Basilisk-class Assault Fighter is a piece...
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Coalition LaGG 5×7 LF

LaGG-5×7 This serial does not stand for lakirovanny garantirovanny grob as some Coalition Pilots are joking about it but for Lavochkin-Gorbunov-Gudkov the first and famous air craft used on earth long ago. The Lagg however is a fearsome fast and dangerous piece of hardware in the hands...
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Shadow of Fear 8839 Preview

The Rest of the USO Ships was added to 8839 now. In Addition to the allready exsisting USO Ships the second set of the USO now contains: USO Dreadnought Codename Marza (see the video for the Marza) USO Corvette Cobalt USO Gunboat Javelis USO very heavy Fighter ASP MKII USO heavy Fighter...
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USO Dreadnought Codename Marza

The Video is also available in HD, just switch the settings. USO DREADNOUGHTCodename: MarzaWith modest beginnings as a small planetoid destruction and recovery workhorse, the Marza-class dreadnought is the pinnacle of USO military rengineering and is the most recent addition to the USO arsenal. Immediately...
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IMG RS13 Arrow HF

Codename: Winghead SharkThe RS13 Arrow, designed by the Independend Miners Guild, is a very capable medium combat platform. Complimenting it’s thick armor and a high power shield core, similar to the Border World Fighter designs, it’s not quite as fast as the RS 21 Spectre LF. Still the...
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IMG RS21 Spectre LF

Directly under Development of Sorin & Partner Enterprises Ltd. the RS21 Spectre is a Light Fighter Hybrid suggested for experienced pilots only. Many pilots looking for a combination of hunting, escorting and scouting choose this ship, although it can become a dangerous treat to every Heavy...
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USO’s CEF Fer De Lance MK I

Introduced in 612 AS by the Zorgon Petterson Group, this is the ship that brought ZPG from being an unknown ship modifier to the household name in luxury but capable ships. Designed as an executive transport for company officials who preferred to fly themselves, the ship is moderately fast,...
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USO’s CHF 2X3 Gecko

  Patented by Robert Bream, but not manufactured until Ace and Faber improved upon the original design specifications after the death of the inventor. Later the design was stolen and widely circulated to a number of “back-yard” workshops who produced the ship in vast...
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USO’s CLF 17a Mamba

The Mamba is a fighter which was originally a custom-built ship primarily designed for racing purposes but adopted and armed by pilots due to its high speed and maneuverability. Cargo space was added later when Raddlett and Rayburn Shipyards (based at Athen) standardized the variances and...
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