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Shortname: Coalition


Friendly: All Criminals
Neutral: USO, all Cooperations
Enemies: Alliance, Aliens, All Houses

The Plan of the Alliance to launch Sleeperships to Sirius was, once leaked to the Coalition secret services and their superior ressources simply a question of time to cover even these strategical move. As a matter of fact the Lenin and the Mao Zedong Sleeperships headed long before the Alliance Sleepership towards Sirius. Eight Centuries after the plaque of a Solar War the descendants of the Coalition Forces and the Houses met again. This time under changed signs. And it started again.

Their is a contest for Faction logos in the forum. Every Faction except the ones all ready having a logo can be used. The best logo will find it’s place here in the Shadow of Fear wiki. It will be rewarded with a complete equipped Ship, tagged with the Faction you was inventing the logo for. A click on this line will open the containing Forum Thread. Good luck to everyone taking part.

Home Bases:

Base System Territory
 Alston Moor   HD 36760 – Irkutzk   Orion 
 Coalition Colony Ship   HD 36760 – Irkutzk   Orion 
 Colony Ship Dock VIII   HD 36760 – Irkutzk   Orion 


Base Base Owner System
Alston Moor Coalition HD 36760 – Irkutzk
Coalition Colony Ship Coalition HD 36760 – Irkutzk
Colony Ship Dock VIII Coalition HD 36760 – Irkutzk