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Base Information

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Newark Station

CLASS: Chasins
GRAVITY: Complete

Newark Station is the local headquarters for Interspace Commerce (IC), one of the largest financial concerns in the Sirius Sector. While IC was initially responsible for financing the construction of the vast Jump Gate and Trade Lane network that connects the various colonies, it was forced to divest itself of these holdings as a result of the Rheinland-Kusari Trade Embargo in 521 AS. IC has since transitioned to insuring cargo shipments within and between the various colonies. The remainder of the Newark Station population is a constantly shifting crowd of traders, technocrats, executives, and Bounty Hunters, all cutting deals and arranging for the transport or protection of their goods.
Owner: Interspace Commerce 
Shortname: Interspace

System: New York 
Territory: LIBERTY


Base Stock: Commodities

Commodity  Shields & Thrusters  Weapons & Mines  Ships & Engines  Bribes



Base sells 

 Alien Organisms  yes
 Food Rations  no
 Consumer Goods  no
 Wingmen License  yes
 Light Arms  no
 Oxygen  no
 Boron  yes
 Pharmaceuticals  no
 Credit Chip  yes
 Water  no
 Beryllium  yes
 Scrap Metal  yes
 H-Fuel  yes
 Hydrocarbons  yes
 Polymers  yes