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Base Information

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Borderstation Colonia

Borderstation Colonia System Maia Space Installation

CLASS: Coriolis
GRAVITY: Complete
CREW: 12000
ARMAMENT: Classified United Stars Organization The back-bone of the United Stars Organization, the Coriolis station was designed at the GASEC laboratories above Konstantinopel and first enter service around Konstantinopel in 206 AS. The USO authorities allow practice docking and departure runs to all their space stations. However this facility is suspended during attack, or when the Coriolis station has no free docking space. Every world register with the United Stars Organization has several Coriolis space stations in orbit at various altitudes. Coriolis stations are “”neutral”” territory, controlled equally by the USO and the planetary government. This stationary concept was, once discover, the most giant effort the USO ever had to shoulder. But at least these stations opened the way to the stars again. When the first station was orbiting Konstantinopel the name United Stars Organization was born and again settlers left their home worlds to search for new worlds. The concept itself never had to be touched again (you must not change a running system especially when it is a giant one). Station description: The station spins along a single axis running vertically from the planet below. One side of the station always faces the planet, and it is on this facet that the access tunnel is located. Coriolis stations have powerful defensive shields (against pirate attack and inept docking) and a large fleet of fighters and station turrets. The inside of the station is free-space, and on each inner facet of the station there are berthing and refueling facilities for up to 200 ships, hospitals, farmlands and leisure-scapes.

Information: Borderstation Colonia is guarding the Jump Hole to Electra. High traffic and nearly every faction have to pass this spot. It is in fact an idea to start demanding taxes to decrease the traffic to Electra.

Owner: United Stars Organization 
Shortname: USO

System: Maia 
Territory: PLEJADES


Base Stock: Commodities

Commodity  Shields & Thrusters  Weapons & Mines  Ships & Engines  Bribes



Base sells 

 MOX  no
 Optronics  yes
 Food Rations  no
 Construction Machinery  no
 Consumer Goods  no
 Wingmen License  yes
 Luxury Food  no
 Luxury Consumer Goods  no
 Oxygen  no
 Toxic Waste  yes
 Pharmaceuticals  no
 Credit Chip  yes
 Water  no
 Heavy Water  no
 H-Fuel  no
 Optical Chips  yes