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Sector: Plejades
House: United Stars Organization Settled Planets Pergamon Singidunum Bases Research Center Tyros Miningstation Gramps Outpost Palmyra Outpost Nicea Corporations Lawful Freelancers Unlawful Freelancers Zoners Criminals Outcasts Produces Copper Fusions Weapon Components Refined Goods Water Food Luxury Food Pharmaceuticles Additional informations Alcyone is located in the Plejades sector.

 Base   Owner 
 Research Center Tyros   United Stars Organization 
 Miningstation Gramps   United Stars Organization 
 Outpost Palmyra   United Stars Organization 
 Outpost Nicea   United Stars Organization 
 Outpost Baalbek   United Stars Organization 
 Pergamon   United Stars Organization 
 Singidunum   United Stars Organization 
Shadow of Fear System California
Shadow of Fear System California mining Map