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Vengeance Mk III Information:

R8-C “Vengeance” Liberty Laser Cannon Mk III This is a laser-based weapon that provides a high refire rate at a reduced damage output. This weapon is most effective against positron shields, and weakest against graviton shields. This is the best Laser Cannon Liberty has to offer.

Price: 109620
Power Usage: 60
Damage per Fire: 0
Refire Delay: 6.25
Type: Laser
    Shield Damage: 150
Hull Damage: 300
Shield Damage per Sec.: 937.5
Hull Damage per Sec.: 1875
    Seeker Range: 0
Max Range: 0
Mine Speed:
Class: 6

Places to purchase the Vengeance Mk III:
 Base   System   Territory   Faction