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Ship Information

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USO CLF 17a Mamba

The Mamba is a fighter which was originally a custom-built ship primarily designed for racing purposes but adopted and armed by pilots due to its high speed and maneuverability. Cargo space was added later when Raddlett and Rayburn Shipyards (based at Athen) standardized the variances and began manufacturing the craft in large numbers. This craft is a good answer to any other fighter craft as long as you are able to pilot its speed proper.

Ship Class: Light Fighter
Roles: Superiority, Anti-Torpedo
Weapon Mounts: 4
Armor: 12500
Cargo Space: 15
Max Batteries/Nanobots: 25/25
Shield Classes: Class 1-5 LF Shield
Weapon Classes: Class 1-5 Fighter Turret

Additional Equipment: Cruise Disruptor, Mine, 2X Thruster
Included Equipment: None
Strafe / Reverse Speed: 100%
Base Power Supply Capacity: 4500
Base Power Supply Regen: 450
Player-Carrier: No
Can Dock w/ Player-Carriers: Yes (type /d to dock)


Additional Stats:

Price: 2.130.000 Cr.
Impulse Speed: 217.19, Engine Capacity: 9.500, Engine Charge Rate: 750
Thrust Capacity: 600.000, Thrust Charge Rate: 5.000
Maximum Angular Speed: 2.33, Time to reach 90 degrees: 0.38, Strafe Force: 24.000

All values above will be altered when using a different engine.

Places to buy this Ship:
 Base   System   Base Owner 
 Oupost Sarona   Sterope   United Stars Organization 
 Outpost Volubilis   Taygeta   United Stars Organization 
 Outpost Pollentia   Taygeta   United Stars Organization 
 Outpost Tarragona   Taygeta   United Stars Organization 
 Saguntum   Taygeta   United Stars Organization 
 Outpost Mogontiacum   Maia   United Stars Organization 
 Borderstation Colonia   Maia   United Stars Organization 
 Planet Lugdunum   Maia   United Stars Organization 
 Planet Alesia   Maia   United Stars Organization 
 Planet Lutetia   Maia   United Stars Organization 
 Borderstation Milan   Electra   United Stars Organization 
 Borderstation Salona   Electra   United Stars Organization 
 Carthage   Electra   United Stars Organization 
 Florence   Electra   United Stars Organization 
 Planet Ravenna   Electra   United Stars Organization 
 Planet Rome   Electra   United Stars Organization 
 Planet Capua   Electra   United Stars Organization 
 Battleship Tacitus   Electra   United Stars Organization 
 Battleship Celsus   Electra   United Stars Organization 
 Battleship Cicero   Electra   United Stars Organization 
 Battleship Ovid   Electra   United Stars Organization 
 Battleship Cato   Electra   United Stars Organization